Wrap up & See you next year!

We just published our diversity report for FOSS Backstage 2022 and with that have completed one of the last remaining tasks for this year. Before we say “Goodbye and see you next year!”, we want to share some of our highlights of this year!

For the first time in FOSS Backstage history, we now have a video of our conference, courtesy of our videographer, Ekaterina Cramon!

You can also view the photos of this year’s onsite conference on Flickr.

If you haven’t already, you can watch the recordings of the talks on Youtube.

The Sustain Podcast has already published the first episodes of interviews with speakers of FOSS Backstage, with more being released in the next week. Listen now on their website or with your favorite podcast app!

And with that, we now want to actually say Goodbye to you, as FOSS Backstage enters hibernation mode over the Summer. Thanks to everyone who made the conference possible and such a fun event this year and we’ll see all of you in Spring next year!

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