Podcast Stage at FOSS Backstage 2022!

This year’s edition of FOSS Backstage marks our first cautious step back into the world of in-person events. So we didn’t only split the event in an online-only day and a (fully livestreamed) in-person day, but we also wanted to try something new. Therefore, we will be offering a dedicated podcast stage, hosted by Richard Littauer of the Sustain Podcast and Julian Feinauer of the German Open Source in der Industrie podcast.

They will be hosting up to six hours of live-podcast in total on Friday March 18th, during the onsite event of FOSS Backstage, speaking to conference speakers and participants about Open Source, community, sustainability and more. The conversations will be streamed live during the event and the highlights will be made available afterwards as a podcast.

We will provide a dedicated podcast room, audio equipment as well as the livestream and production support. If you are interested in talking with Richard or Julian live on air, message Paul at info@foss-backstage.de and stay tuned for updates here!

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