The program is out!

Our call for papers has brought us 114 submissions with many exciting and important proposals among them. With the help of our program committee we did our best to put together a program with a broad spectrum of topics.

We are very happy with the result and hope that everyone attending FOSS Backstage will find inspiration, be able to learn new things and we will have 2 days full of existing conversations on community, management and compliance in open source software development.

Have a look for yourself! You can find our first public version of the schedule here. There are still a few gaps in the schedule which will be filled in the coming weeks.

The first conference day will take place fully online. The day starts with a keynote by Maurizio Gazzola who will be speaking about how Open Source (culture) can benefit the United Nations’ sustainable development goals. Maurizio is the is the Chief of Strategic Solutions at the United Nations Office of Information and Telecommunication Technology, where he works on technology innovation programmes.

The second conference day takes place in Berlin and will be live streamed. We will kicked off with Marie Gutbub and Patricia Leu. Marie and Patricia are co-directors of Prototype Fund, a funding program for open source software at the Open Knowledge Foundation Germany. They will be speaking about why “Funding is not the (only) solution”.

We are looking forward to seeing all of you live in Berlin and/or online!

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